Meillä kotona Shop – This is What We’re About

Do you have an interesting brand, an amazing product, or a unique collection you would like to sell at Meillä kotona Shop? We might have just the right audience for you.

Meillä kotona Shop is a marketplace by the home and living media of A-lehdet. We combine our expertise in media with a curated product selection to create an inspiring shopping environment. Brands and products are featured not only in Meillä kotona Shop but also on the Meillä kotona media site, as well as in the home and living magazines, newsletters, and social media channels of A-lehdet.

It is important to us that the products sold in Meillä kotona Shop are high quality, durable, and made with love. Our experts curate the most interesting brands and phenomena for our articles as well as for our store selection.

We are a unique and fair partner: we acquire the audience, showcase your brand in the right environment to the right people, and help our customers make great purchases that bring joy for a long time.

What Makes Meillä kotona Shop Unique?

The Right Audience

Thanks to our well-known media brands, potential customers are already within our reach. We attract the audience and do the storytelling for you.

An Inspiring Shopping Environment

Our core idea is to serve our visitors in such a way that when they find an interesting product in one of our articles, they can directly make a purchase on the Meillä website or in Meillä kotona Shop.

Impactful Content

Like in print magazines where journalists curate their favorite products, we've taken the concept to a digital format that serves the reader even better.

Our Customers Receive

  • The most exciting and inspiring finds and picks for their homes.​​
  • Hand-picked recommendations from our trusted experts.​​
  • Information to make a well-educated purchase decision.​​
  • High-quality products that will continue to delight for years to come.​​
  • An effortless path to purchase.​​

Our Merchants Receive

  • The right target audience, in the right context.
  • Visibility and creative expertise provided by Meillä kotona and other home and living media.
  • A free Welcome Package for new retailers when you join.
  • Collaborative campaigns for even greater visibility of your products, if desired.

Where Products and Brands Are Featured

The home and living media of A-lehdet offers a service that no other media in Finland provides. We create e-commerce content with the same skill and expertise as our journalistic content. We know our target audience and understand how to meet their needs.

On the Meillä kotona media site

The products and brands in Meillä kotona Shop are featured on Finland's most popular home and living media site, Meillä kotona, through product highlights and content articles.

In Meillä kotona Shop

Products are showcased in categories, product highlights, inspiration articles, and on the merchant's own brand page.

Across various home media channels

We the social channels and newsletters of the home and living media of A-lehdet to increase the visibility of articles and products.

Our Media Reach

A-lehdet's home and living media portfolio includes, in addition to Meillä kotona, beloved Finnish brands such as Avotakka, Unelmien Talo&Koti, Meidän Talo, Meidän Mökki, Viherpiha, Kotivinkki, Maku, Ihana, and Kaikkien aikojen Joulu.

1.6 million

users per month

1 010 000

total number of print readers

643 000

social media followers in total

404 000

newsletter subscribers in total

Collaboration in Practice


  • Meillä kotona Shop is a fair and reliable partner, and we want to collaborate with brands that share the same values.
  • It is important to us that our collaboration is profitable for all parties involved. We operate transparently, and that’s why we have clear guidelines for partnerships. With us, you don’t have to wonder if you made a good deal or not.
  • Our team is easily accessible and always ready to assist our merchants whenever needed.

Combining Platforms

  • Meillä kotona Shop can be integrated with the most common e-commerce platforms through direct integration.
  • This allows product information to flow into Meillä kotona Shop and orders placed through Meillä kotona Shop to be sent directly to the merchant's system.
  • We can also implement manual integration solutions.
  • In our orders, the customer's payment is divided at the payment stage so that Meillä kotona Shop receives its commission share and the brand receives the remaining amount in their merchant account. No separate billing actions are required.


  • We only charge a 30% commission on sold products. There are no joining fees, annual fees, or campaign fees for our service.
  • Our commission is based on our concept: we are not a typical marketplace but Finland's largest home and living media. In return for the commission, products and brands receive media space and visibility to the right audiences in the right context.
  • Meillä kotona Shop covers the transaction fees and commissions of the payment intermediary and e-commerce platform. Our payment intermediary, Paytrail, charges a monthly fee of €4.90 for its merchant services.


  • It is of utmost importance to us that customers make informed purchase decisions and are satisfied with their purchases.
  • Returns are very rare in our shop: less than 1 % of all purchases annually.
  • In cases of return, we hold the commission against the acquired media coverage and the service we provide. We withhold a maximum of 100 euros per order from one merchant.​

Explore the Brands in Our Selection

Brand Experiences
"The visibility across channels is extensive, and brand awareness has increased through our collaboration. From the consumer's perspective, the articles are really good and create a positive feeling. Campaigns have also had a significant impact on sales."
— Sannaliina Mononen, Kukkatarhurit
"Collaboration has been easy, and with seamless integration, sales run smoothly. As the products gained more visibility, brand awareness has grown especially in Finland, whereas previously, our largest audience was abroad."
— Päivi Kankaro, Laine Publishing
"I can definitely recommend collaborating with Meillä kotona Shop! We have seen sales increase and gained visibility among various customer groups."
— Elina Yrjönen, Tapettitehdas Pihlgren ja Ritola
"We have discovered an entirely new customer segment through Meillä kotona Shop. The shop has been crucial in increasing our brand awareness. The high quality of the content and being showcased alongside other great products give our own products a mark of quality."
— Janne Savolainen, SAVU Glass
"Through the collaboration, dyecat STUDIO has reached new people, and our network has grown significantly. It includes a new wave of people as well as a diverse and trendy clientele."
— Hilja Kaitila, dyecat STUDIO

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