Beloved Patterns & Pentik Knitting Magazine (ENG)

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Toimitusaika: 3–7 arkipäivää

Beloved Patterns & Pentik brings Pentik's charming world of designs to knitting! This 124-page magazine contains knitting and crocheting instructions inspired by Pentik's classic patterns as well as their new designs for spring 2024. The newest issue of Beloved Patterns includes incredible colorwork socks, lace and cable socks, sweaters, a cardigan, a top, a vest, a scarf, a tufted pillow, and home decor crochet works.

The instructions in the magazine are designed by Finland's most popular knitwear designers and rising stars Ronja Hakalehto, Heli Hottinen-Puukko, Anna Johanna, Veera Jussila, Annika Konttaniemi, Hannemari Lehtonen, Johanna Nuorela, Mia Sumell, and Anna Tanskanen. The difficulty level of the instructions varies from easy to challenging.

Knits for all sizes are available from the magazine's extensive size range. The instructions use readily available and versatile yarns from Novita, Vuonue, and Sandnes Garn, among others.

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