Boho garden -sisustustarrat

98,00 €

Kauppias: Made of Sundays
Toimituskulut: 3,90 €
Toimitusaika: 4–6 arkipäivää

Design your very own Boho garden in soft, muted warm tones. Mix and combine these hand painted watercolour leaves and flowers in unlimited ways to create lush arrangements along any wall.

The decals come pre-arranged into floral arrangements that can be used both independently or combined to create a big center piece bouquet with surrounding plants. All elements have one completely straight side, so they work wonderfully along any border (doors, windows, corners, beds etc.). 

Contains: 5 ready-made arrangements (three can be combined into one center piece bouquet) and 5 separate plants to fill in possible gaps
Size:  See product image for element sizes
Watercolour artist: Pearlyn K. (Pearlyn & Paper)